Joan Webster 资深语言编审

Joan R. Webster博士从事科学编辑20余年。曾在汤森路透科技、国际科学编辑、百世等出版集团等担任科学编辑,专业涵盖:肿瘤学、胃肠病学、放射学、内外科、环境毒理学等。

Dr. Webster has twenty years of experience in science editing. She was employed as a Biomedical Indexer for 14 years with Crossaig/Thomson Scientific Ltd (now Thomson Reuters). She worked as science editor with Edanz Editing and International Science Editing for 6 years and with WJG and PI2 Solutions for 7-8 years. Specialty: Oncology, Gastroenterology, Radiology, Surgery, Internal Medicine and Environmental Toxicology.